PJ Pools And Spas

Swimming Pool Construction, Installation and Renovations in Melbourne

If you are searching for efficient pool companies in Melbourne to construct a pool in your new home, then PJ Pools and Spas is the right choice. We are pool construction and renovation specialists working in the industry since 1973.

We are a family owned business and we introduced a lot of products useful for the swimming pool installation. We have the pool accessories like pebbles, Quartzon, and the newest pool interior products.

We have a reputable experience as reliable pool builders in Melbourne. Whether you are looking for constructing or renovating the pool, we are here for you.

Our services include:

• Pool Construction
• Swimming pool installation
• Pool installation
• Pool resurfacing
• Pool renovations
• Pool restorations
• Concrete pool construction
• Fibreglass pool construction

Initially worked as solid plastering experts, we extended our talent to the pool industry and are renowned as efficient concrete pool builders in Melbourne.

From the inception of our company, we have tripled in size and handled several pool projects, making us the right choice for the pool building at your home.

Our team excels in giving attention to your unique requirements. You can envision the pool when you listen to us explain the project beforehand. We are the Melbourne Fibreglass pool company constructing both concrete and glass pools for residential homes.

One of the Spa and Pool Companies in Melbourne

We are members of the Swimming Pool & Association of Victoria for over 15 years. We have received awards for excellence and continue to display our products and allow our customers to interact with our team.

For more information, contact our expert team today.